Sunday, April 10, 2011

Fashion Reality TV

These are hard days for anyone dedicated to fashion reality TV. Since moving to Lifetime Project Runway’s schedule is hit or miss and, in fact, I’ve seen that they’ll only begin casting the new season on April 15th- with no show time in sight. Aaarggghhhh!

That’s why I was so pleased to see Sundance stepping up to the fashion plate with their new series All on the Line (Tuesdays at 10pm EST). Every week Joe Zee (creative director, Elle magazine) works with a different new designer who is on the verge of losing their business (or cannot even get it started). It’s like Project Runway- the next step.

I watched the first episode and can say that my Project Runway cravings have been greatly eased (there is NO replacement for Tim Gunn). Joe doesn’t pull any punches, which always makes for good TV. I mean, how would you feel if someone that influential looked at a dress you made and said, “Nice if I were going to the prom with Justin Bieber.” Ouch! And yet, it’s not just bitchiness, these people need to hear it.

The only really bad news (and it’s not really news) to come out of this is I had to hear for myself that a size 8 is considered plus size for designers. I know, I shouldn’t support anything that messes with women the way the fashion industry does but I love all the pretty stuff!

Anyway, you’re welcome.

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