Tuesday, March 8, 2011


I realize that I just posted but I experienced that job stuff yesterday and made it all the way until this afternoon before giving into my feelings of worthlessness and depression by spending money I ought to be saving for the mortgage. But seriously, how much of a dent is $50 going to make on the mortgage and it made me feel SO much better!

And who else but Anthropologie wraps a magazine in tissue paper? And a cute cuff bracelet in its own little fabric pouch! These are exactly the kinds of things that release endorphins, helping to sustain a feeling of wellbeing in the face of severe trauma!

I've been looking for a cute silver filigree cuff for almost 2 years so this was meant to be, right?

I read about this lifestyle magazine and it seemed like the perfect balance to my superficial InStyle addiction. You know, buying things with meaning and all that.

Oh, and make that $100. I got my DH another of the NorthFace micro fleece pullovers he loves because I think I've been a little edgy lately and I'm hoping it distracts him.

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