Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Sloan Boutique

738 NW 23rd Ave

Monday afternoon seems like a long time ago but I could not leave it without a separate post on this great boutique. I’ll admit that in these days of malls and online shopping I’ve fallen away from going to small standalone stores. Sloan Boutique is exactly why you should not let this happen! It’s perfectly sized and executed with a chic but not snooty vibe (one of my biggest peeves with boutiques). It’s like walking into someone’s house and finding it filled with all sorts of delicious clothing and accessory options- from casual to dressy even work wear is represented. More importantly, these are not designers and styles you’ll see at the department stores. Everything feels fresher. Which it is because the owner goes to LA almost weekly. You can’t get that at the bigger stores.

If you’re thinking ‘uh hunh and I bet the prices are boutique-y too’ you’re wrong. The majority of items I looked at fell between $35 and $100. And the only attitude from the sales associates was warm and friendly without being pushy. They really know the labels and are happy to talk about them as much or as little as you want.

Below are just a few items I loved. I would have taken even more photos but started to feel bad because it was not a buying day for me. Trust me when it is I’ll go back. I loved this store!

I fell in love with the adorable style and fabric of this tunic length top. All we need is some warmer weather and this would be perfect with leggings, loads of bracelets or a cute cuff, and a great chunky wrap sandal.

Like I said- I loved this top! In fact I was so gaga I forgot to note the designer so if anyone from Sloan is reading this please help me out! It's a little hard to see but the very top part is smocked which is flattering to everyone. And that braided neck- sexy.

This Pico jacket is a perfect Portland piece because it is all about layering. You can wear it right now with a long sleeved top underneath and with a tank when it gets warm. The color is a perfect neutral but the soft fringy-ness (yes, that is a design term) means this jacket is anything but boring. 

This Lily jumper/shift is another great piece for Portland. You can wear it bare with a great chunky necklace or you can wear it in the colder weather with a black turtleneck, tights, and boots. The b/w plaid is classic but the tiny bits of color (yellow, green, and blue) make it pop. I also liked this for its flexibility in styling. You could glam it up or look completely chic at the office. Win win.

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