Monday Adventure- Nob Hill

This week’s adventure (and yes, my life is that small now) took me to  Nob Hill (aka Northwest Portland). I’ve not spent much time there, aside from meeting friends for drinks (which means the late hour not  the alcohol intake inhibited my ability to look around).

Because a girl can’t live by shopping alone I also planned my trip with lunch in mind. Every year Portland Monthly reviews and rates pizza in our fair city and every year this place is in the Top 3. So, I awoke this morning dreaming of a great slice. Unfortunately, I’m new enough to still miss many nuances that long time PDXers catch. Namely, that there is a Ken’s Artisan Bakery and a Ken’s Artisan Pizzeria (different names, go figure). The pizzeria is across the river. Despair is not a strong enough word at this point. I had the taste and texture of amazing pizza in my heart and was denied. Thankfully, I have food fortitude so I rallied and ordered what turned out to be a delicious egg salad panini on their pain rustique (so good I bought a loaf to take home).

My after lunch stroll turned up some great finds- for woman and beast alike. You already know I’m not a dog person but The Hip Hound looked almost cute enough for me to venture in. Enough couture clothing for even the most pampered canine!

Zucari Home and Garden was having a 50% everything spring sale which I hope is not a euphemism for 'closing'. There were lots of cartons and not much merch but I'll try and stay positive as I coveted these garden globes. Came close but did not buy….yet.

Last but not least I visited Seams to Fit which is a bit out of the way but does a really nice job with high-end consignment clothing. There were at least 5 pairs of shoes that should belong to me except they were a size 7. Do size 9s not put their shoes up for consignment? Gorgeous designer handbags as well and a Burberry trenchcoat for $480. Given that it seems we’re going to be in this soaked state this should be a must-have purchase.