Breakfast Smoothie

Happy Monday! I imagine you’re all at work by now but sleeping in is one of the few perks of being unemployed so don’t hate me.  Instead, be happy because I’m about to share something that will make even going to work not so heinous. This smoothie is ice cream level yummy but so healthy and low fat you can be satisfied and virtuous- and how often can you say that?!

I know, a recipe from me- weird, huh? I’m not even going to claim ownership but I did feel it was too good to keep secret. My husband makes these for us every day (loosely based on a recipe from Alton Brown which he tweaked).

Anyway, one of the best things about this whole concept is that you put the ingredients together the night before and leave it in the fridge. Overnight the frozen fruits soften enough for blending so you don’t need to use ice which waters everything down and takes up space you can cram full with more vitamins, fiber, and antioxidants. PLUS you’ve saved 10 minutes in the morning which is huge for anyone who loves their sleep. Blend, pack into a travel bottle and go!

One caveat (so you don’t fill this blog with complaints about a messy fridge): Set blender on top of a plate or paper towel in case of leaks.

The recipe is for one portion so we double it for the two of us (amount in photo). Also, you can easily switch up the secondary fruits to strawberries or whatever sounds good to you. The items you don’t change are: blueberries, yogurt, soy milk, and pomegranate/acai juice. These are the uber-healthy, super foods and are what will give you energy, may help you lose weight (feel full longer), and help you avoid the midmorning crash. Seriously, if you’re making that weird face that kids make over using soy milk let it go. You can’t taste it at all.

The last bit of awesomeness I’m sharing is: you can get all of the ingredients, with the exception of the POM juice, at CostCo. Super cheap. We have a small freezer in the garage so I buy 4 bags of blueberries at a time. And if you use banana, you can peel them, put them in a Ziploc bag and freeze them as well. Saving money on eating well means you can spend it on skincare or new shoes.

Now go, make a smoothie. Come back tomorrow and let me know what you think.

Super Smoothie
5-6 oz. frozen blueberries
½-1 banana (optional)
3oz non-fat plain, regular or Greek yogurt
4oz frozen mangoes, peaches etc.
2oz low fat soy milk
3oz pomegranate or acai juice (Acai is a little more tart and more expensive)


  1. Love this - my cousin Elisa is BiG into smoothies but hers always seem a little too complicated for me. This is simple AND healthy. I'm seriously tempted to go to the store right now! No really, I'm going to the store right now.

  2. Yum, thanks for this. Since I tend to skip breakfast ( I know the most important meal of the day), I add protein to my smoothies. I'm still on the hunt for proteins that do not leave a chalky aftertaste.


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