Thursday, February 24, 2011

Portland Snow

Last night it snowed in Portland and it’s kind of adorable. I’ve lived in Buffalo, Denver, and Salt Lake City so I know snow and this really doesn’t count. I’ve had to drive to work in almost 2’ when the road is nothing more than two tracks worn by other cars and the snow is up to the bottom of your car because everything stays open. Here we get less than 2” and the entire city shuts down. Schools, businesses, all government offices. Snow day!

Even though I am comfortable driving in snow and have experience with it I follow the leader here and stay home. There is absolutely nothing worse than a bunch of fools- either testosterone loaded or mommys got to get to the mall- in their SUVs driving in bad weather. Somehow they think the laws of physics don’t apply to them and that because their gas guzzling mobile is huge it has a different braking system and will magically stop on ice. Not fun if you’re the one in the Prius cautiously crossing the intersection.

I ventured out anyway because I needed some stuff at the grocery store and it is gorgeous. What you would call a perfect winter day anywhere else. Of course, the fact that it is almost March is annoying because the flowers have already begun to come up but that aside the sun is shining, the roads are already clear, and the grocery store was empty. Life is good!


A Farmer's Wife said...

It looks so pretty. It is still warm where we are in Australia so looking at your snow pictures has made my day.

Life In A Pink Fibro said...

Looks gorgeous. I laughed at your theory about staying home - you're right. If nobody else has any experience, it's always a good idea to stay off the road!

Thanks for Rewinding at the Fibro.

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