NYC Fashion Week

Thankfully I was able to rally from my Oprah induced ennui in time to enjoy fashion week in NYC. By that I mean nothing more than hours spent hunched over my computer looking at innumerable slides on If I had actually ever gotten to go to fashion week I would not be sitting in Portland, Oregon in sweatpants and one of my husband’s golf fleece pullovers; I’d be giving Anna Wintour a run for her money. In fact, being in the fashion editor world was such a long cherished dream of mine that I wrote a college paper about it. If I ever get drunk enough maybe I’ll post it here for laughs.

Anyway, I’m still a bit emotional over Galliano’s coup in Paris so rather than recap my favorite looks from the runway I’m going to indulge in one of my favorite fantasies (this one does not involve George Clooney in Lake Como). I am a fabulously wealthy, glamorous, jet setter with at least one Town & Country cover to my name. Of all the couturiers/designers clamoring to dress me who would I choose? (This is the sort of mental exercise that can mean the difference between that second glass of wine with a Xanax or without.)

Top 6 (because 5 is pedestrian):

Carolina Herrera

Timeless, classic elegance. One of those designers who makes women look beautiful but not contrived. Adore her work.


Ralph Rucci 

I saw Ralph Rucci: A Designer and his House  (brief youtube clip- enough to give you a taste of his genius) a year ago and fell in love. He is a true artist and to be able to own even a single piece created by him would be swoon inducing. OK, ‘cash in the 401K and plan on ending your years in a state funded nursing home just to own one dress’ inducing.


 Oscar de la Renta 

Because it is Oscar de la Renta and when you move in the circles I do he is the gold standard. When I lunch, shop, or sit on charity committees I don’t want to look like some 20-something tartlet who has more money than taste. I want elegance and refinement and by God, I want everyone to know it’s de la Renta!



I would have loved it to be Coco but she was gone by the time I knew what a Chanel suit was. Lagerfeld does an admirable job interpreting her spirit while reinvigorating it but he does skew young for me. A mesh top and boy shorts? Even if they’re silk shantung- not going to happen. I do better when he reins it in (like this dress from Spring 2011 and the one worn by Keira Knightley both of which are beyond beyond).

Michael Kors 

It has nothing to do with Project Runway. His looks are accessible and female friendly but also with a wonderful understanding of color and texture. Last year’s fall line was one of my favorites. He would be my daywear go-to guy.


Giorgio Armani

Often more stark than I prefer (and a big fan of the gray family which is not a good option for me) but his pants and jackets have a sleek softness and flatter so many figures that I would need to own a couple for lunching.

So who would YOU choose and why?

And if you are one of these designers and you’ve come across this post after googling your name (you know you do) I am available if you need a new muse. I have most of the prerequisites- loads of free time, adore anything having to do with fashion, love  champagne and have strong sycophantic tendencies. I just can’t do the cigarette thing but honestly, you all need to let that go (it ages you).

p.s sorry for the photo formatting. I've corrected it numerous times in editing but some simply won't align. The photos are still gorgeous, OK?


  1. I really enoy Calvin Klein. I am a plus sized girl and I find his dresses to be stylish and flattering on my figure. Also I've been able to find his stuff pretty afordable.

    Stoppinb by from the red dress. :-)

  2. Those photos are amazingness! If only I could look that slender...oh well. Thanks for sharing!

  3. I now have early-morning heart palpitations. This happens whenever I see fashion that I want need have to have but my kids would smear vile things on.

    If Carolina & Oscar would dress me? I'd be a very happy bunny.

    Who is this Ralph dude, and where is that orange dress sold so I can put my hands all over it? *love*

  4. @Chasing Joy- I'm with you, Calvin really seems to get how women are shaped. I have a black dress of his that is my go to work outfit.

    @Zoe- it's nice to dream, right?!

    @Letmestart- Ralph Rucci is the only true couturier in America. His clothes are like works of art and just as expensive. I love the orange dress!

  5. lovely fashion hit to start my day! lovely to stop by from the rdc linkup x

  6. Please post your college paper!!! C'mon....

    Love your style - Chanel. Drool.

    Popped in/now following with Rewind.

  7. You have a great eye! I love all of those pieces. Thanks for Rewinding x


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