Christian Dior Couture Spring 2011

I don’t know how I could have missed this; there is no excuse whatsoever (not even making adorable mini cupcakes) so now I will shut up and do no more than pay homage to John Galliano’s Spring 2011 Christian Dior show two weeks ago.

OK, I have to say a few things. While I acknowledge Galliano as a consummate showman it is just that which has generally made his fashion less interesting to me. As a statement, outrageous and provocative, always, but anything that could be worn off the runway- even by society women or celebrities- not so much.

For this collection he returned to the roots of the house of Dior and as it was a period that first made me love fashion I admit my bias. It was a time after much deprivation,  hardship and horror and Dior was the first in the fashion world to say "enough!" and bring back women's figures, elegance, and glamour. Galliano’s reinterpretation of these looks is masterful, sexy, and charming. The fabrics, layering, construction, and embroidery are all incredible and while there is no hope that I will ever own one, these are dresses made to be worn and loved. Bravo.


  1. Mmmmm. Nice. If I were ladylike, I'd be salivating over these. As it is, I see high maintenance and return whimpering to my cargo pants.

    Visiting via the REwind.

  2. Beautiful, elegant and romantic.

    What wouldn't I give for one of those (and somewhere to wear it!).

  3. Hi Catherine! It's been a while!

    You know, whenever I see these shows, all I can see is the hollow, vacant, frowny looks on the models' faces. I can hardly see the fashion any more... x

  4. Allison- I was in sweat pants when I wrote it and I'm in sweat pants now!

    Sarah Mac- or we could just wear them and sit in the living room and drink champers.

    Maxabella- you're right, they're often frowny. I try not to look above the shoulders and just enjoy the fantasy clothes.

  5. The clothes are divine. The models are frowny because they're hungry.

  6. Divine and elegant. I like the blue/brown long sleeved one best. I think the models are made to be frowny. It is cool or something in photos isn't it? Mrs Catch made me laugh. Thanks for joining the Rewind. I am late but here x


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