Seis Cuerdas

In early December we were in LA for my company's Christmas party. You know, the one where apparently everyone but me knew my position was going to be eliminated the following week (I'm not bitter I just thought some context might help). Because it was warm and sunny we spent the afternoon before the party walking along the Santa Monica Promenade.

Here's where it gets interesting. I'm not a huge music person. I don't listen to the radio or own an ipod or any kind of mp3 player. I'm not even sure what one is. However, when I do hear something I like (no matter how far behind the trend I may be) I fixate on it- kind of like I Gotta a Feeling by the Black Eyed Peas to which I was caught dancing around my office but which I am sure had nothing to do with my not being taken seriously in a research capacity.

Where was I? Oh, strolling the Promenade and people watching when we came across these two guys playing the guitar as I have never heard before. I was utterly mesmerized, to the point of stopping while everyone else moved on. I'm not a guitar aficionado but this is absolutely amazing- a crazy good mix of classical and rock. I could hardly breathe because it felt like it would get in the way of listening. It's this kind of talent I have trouble wrapping my mind around because I could no more do it than breathe underwater (unless I'm asleep and then I can not only breathe underwater I can fly).

Here's a sample from youtube. It's homemade so lacks in quality but is still enough to give you an idea of the talent these two possess. And the happy ending to my story? My DH bought a bunch of their songs on itunes and gave me a CD for Christmas. My favorite present!