Black Swan

Blood, more blood, stabbing and scratching- with glass, nail files, one's own fingernails, and a fair amount of sex. That about sums it up. 

If Blood Swan was a look into the psychological complexities behind the competition that exists among prima ballerinas then this movie failed utterly for me. As a reasonably intelligent adult I don't need any of the above components to get that point across. A 13 year old boy or a horror film buff might have appreciated Aronofsky's viewpoint but for me, nuance is much more interesting than being mentally bludgeoned. In fact, using such physical manifestations of inner turmoil feels like a real cop-out.

I get that I'm in the minority based on the number of nominations and stellar reviews but when the movie ended I laughed. I was that over it. The guy next to me did too so we're the only two people in America who missed the point of this movie completely. Lots of good dancing though.

Disclaimer: Obviously I'm not a movie critic nor do I claim to be. I just watch a hell of a lot of movies.