Friday, November 26, 2010

Mom and Doris Day

I first started getting interested in blogs when I discovered Dooce © while living in Utah. Here was a funny quirky woman who lived in the same state I did but instead of being made miserable by it she broke out. 
Beyond being crazy funny what really won me over was the fact that Heather swore in her posts and KNEW that her parents read them (I’m covering my mouth in horrified glee even as writing this). It was beyond scary and thrilling at the same time- like the first time on a roller coaster or smoking dope or stealing something- take your pick.
Could I be that daring? Let’s see.
15 years ago and my mother and I were indulging in our favorite pastime- watching old movies. This time it was Doris Day in Midnight Lace which I highly recommend as being one of the few of hers that is dramatic as opposed to comedic. Doris’ acting aside it is her wardrobe that is memorable- classic, timeless, chic (see below).

I digress. There is a very scary scene in which Doris is in danger. My mother is lying on the family sofa and I am on my dad’s recliner slightly behind her. We’re both leaning forward with tension and without thinking I murmur, “Oh she’s fucked.” Long loooonnnnggg pause (during which I stop breathing) and then a slow swiveling of my mother’s head. I won’t swear to it but I’m almost certain there are tears in her eyes as she whispers, “Oh, Cathy, I am so disappointed to hear you talk like that.”
Which is why, with the exception of the f bomb above, I won’t be able to swear (much) in this blog. Guilt is the greatest motivator out there.


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