The B Word

What is up with "booties"? Why the infantilizing of a grown woman’s shoe? Are we meant to be kept as children despite our footwear? Surely someone in either the marketing or design department could have come up with something sexier or for god’s sake at least a bit more grown-up. Do I really want to go into Nordstrom’s shoe department and ask for a bootie? NO NO NO.

p.s. I gave up wearing booties when I got my first pair of Mary Janes.

But what about this sassiness from Nine West?

Or this updated classic from Talbot’s? That I could wear with almost every single pant and skirt in my wardrobe. Am I really going to make an entire genre of shoe suffer because some idiot (99% certain it’s a man) gave them a stupid name? Damnit!!!!!

Crisis averted. The Talbot's Ara (above) is known as a ghillie not that other word. My local Talbot's didn't have a pair so I am on the phone like a junkie in search of a high- which in a way I am. And when some lovely lady in NJ does indeed confirm that they have the shoe (in cognac- the best neutral out there) am I as happy as if I'd just won the Pulitzer? HELL YEAH!!!

The moral of this story is that even when I am violently opposed to something I think it is important to try and get along. Oh, and support the economy.


  1. I say let's not get hung up on terms. If you like it, buy it. As a former NM footwear buyer, I hated the term "bootie" until I saw the sales... and I came to love the word.

    Just a thought.

  2. You are wise indeed. And I did follow the advice!


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