Thursday, October 28, 2010

Why Do This?

Because the voices in my head needed somewhere to go.

OK, that sounds a bit more psycho than I meant. Mostly my voices want to go shopping, eat chocolate or watch bad TV so don't be afraid. This will be fun, really.


sascedar said...

*giggle* this is a great start! nice to meet you!

Maxabella said...

Awesome first post. You really summed it up, Catherine! Bit concerned about those voices, but only because I know exactly what they're talking about!!! x

Catherine said...

Lovely to meet you too, Sascedar! Come back anytime!

Maxabella, crazy thing those voices- I thought they'd calm down w/blogging but they give me best ideas!

MultipleMum said...

Short, funny and sweet! You nailed it from the first post! Thanks for Rewinding x

jennifersmart said...

I love your blog. I feel at home here.

Catherine said...

Jennifer- that is so nice to hear because sometimes I feel like I am way too far out there.

Come back anytime!

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