Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Las Vegas Weekend

Last weekend was spent in Las Vegas for a library conference (trust me, librarians can tear it up like nobody’s business) and despite heat over 105˚ every day it was interesting to be back—after having been gone for a decade. Despite the recession, tearing its housing market to shreds Vegas is still a city that knows how to put on a show.
Some of my favorite window shopping (because no way can I afford anything in any of these shops):
 This is H&M, Las Vegas style. The music and lights were brighter and louder than most nightclubs, but it was energizing. Probably the only store on the entire strip where I could shop.
Home of the ubiquitous red soled shoes. Owning a pair is on my bucket list even is they cost a mortgage payment.

Trendy, chic fashion. Clothes and designers you won't find anywhere else.
 L.K. Bennett is best known for making the nude pumps that Kate Middleton made famous because they go with everything. Now, they have stores and I want to shop there simply because the Duchess of Cambridge does.

Carolina Herrera is on of my all-time favorite designers because her looks are timeless- just like this gorgeous dress in the window. Classy lady, classy clothes.
Yes, you're in the middle of a desert but you'd never know it by the abundance of water features and flowers. I know it is a wicked waste of a dwindling resource but it is beautiful for the eyes.
These floral balls are absolutely exquisite and perfume the walks of the Wynn hotel. Decadent to the extreme, they're replaced every day. I would still like to have them in my backyard.

Massive mosaic pool with fountains at the lower level of shops in Caesar's Forum.

A little bit difficult to see but this a wall of water that flows into a reflecting pool at the Wynn hotel. The sound is delicious and the water makes it possible to sit in the outdoor patio without melting.
 Whimsical ceiling painting and ornate light fixtures at Wynn.

Yes, I love the shopping and extravagance but let's not forget the food! Las Vegas now hosts some of the finest restaurants in the United States. We opted to return to an old favorite- Bobby Flay's Mesa Grill. This is the fresh corn tamale (the masa is handmade) with grilled tiger shrimp and a garlic cream cilantro sauce.
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