Project Runway: Do the Right Thing

I don’t want to start the new year by getting all nasty and litigious but neither am I going to stand by while a media company rips off my ideas. 

What am I talking about? Do you honestly believe that Lifetime, whose biggest idea for new programming last year was Dance Moms (Toddlers and Tiaras without the pageant but keeping the same mouthy, overweight, desperate-for-attention mothers), could have figured out how to franchise Project Runway? I don’t. I let it slide with Project Accessory because well, Molly Sims is no Heidi Klum and it wasn’t that interesting but Project Runway All Stars? Hhhmmmm, where did that idea come from? Wait, I know, ME back in April of last year (this is the link). Plenty of time for them to get it into development and act all ‘oh, look at this great new show we have now’.

I’m not an unreasonable person so here are your options, Lifetime  (options indicate a reasonable person, right?). Either hire me OR fly me to New York for a week of shopping and a two day wardrobe/life/career consultation with Tim Gunn. All expenses paid, first class, 4-star accommodations only. Your choice. You have until episode 1 airs to meet my demands or I’ll make that Dance Mom troll look like Miss Manners. It could happen.