Let's Covet: Fall Shoes

The end of this week was a bit more fraught than I prefer (more on that another time) so I need to lighten things up. Way up. Fantasy shopping up.

I subscribe to way too many magazines. Eight to be exact. They’re a great escape- pages and pages of fashion and ideas even if it's things I can't/don't wear anymore. Acceptance is not a virtue I possess.

What’s catching my eye right now is shoes. If I were the workplace a new pair of fall shoes would be my normal splurge. Since I’m not and don’t wear much more than driving loafers these days I’ll indulge here. Instead of shopping and spending money, I got my adrenaline rush through hours of searching online to find usable photos of the shoes I’m loving right now.

Leopard print is a big deal (again) this fall. I like the higher vamp (doesn't mean what you think- it's the upper part of the shoe) because it gives more security when wearing and keeps a leopard print stiletto shoe from looking slutty. These would be great with trad black trousers and a silk cabled turtleneck. Classic with a twist.

Please ignore the polka dot stocking (on of the fall trends I really didn't like). This shoe is all about the color. Call it aubergine, cognac, burgundy, I think it's fabulous and one of the new neutrals. Sassy interpretation by Jason Wu.

Another high vamp and classic color- cordovan. Maybe a little more red but it reminds me of my favorite Bass penny loafers. Those preppy shoes that caused you weeks of pain until you broke them in and then you wore them until the soles fell off. This is the grown-up, CĂ©line version at $870. Not gonna happen. Sigh.

Have you indulged this fall? Do share!

Images from Elle.com


  1. I love shoes too but what kills me now is the HEELS--way too high for these old bones!
    Love all the shoes you picked--the leopard ones with the high vamp are my faves..
    My indulgence this season was a pair of clog boots by naot--$175. Ouch.

  2. Fantasy shoe shopping - excellent idea! I love the last two shoes you selected. Cordovan or deep red - such great colors!

    Since we're fantasy shopping, I'd go for a pair of bright blue suede Manolo Blahniks: http://tinyurl.com/3qp52qx

    I also want a pair of Lanvin python boots, which I think would look excellent with a pencil skirt or peeking out from a black suit: http://tinyurl.com/3t6sglg

    Fun to dream - I love your picks!

  3. Fashion- believe me I'm with you and I love my clogs! I just don't accept it as well.

    Tweed- go girl! Those python boots are extreme- and not just the price.

  4. i missed the pay it forward hop, so coming fashionably late to say hello! nice to meet you :)

    PS: i have to send my fiance this way to check out the shoes lol

  5. I'm over from the Pay it Forward campaign and was surprised to find shoes being pushed rather than blogs. Yay! Love shoes. Adore shoes. In fact, once took 14 pairs of shoes on a 10 day holiday! Unfortunately I don't seem to wear anymore more adventurous than coloured flip flops these days! New follower :)

  6. Gorgeous shoes - & I'm quite liking the polka dot stockings too! I would definitely wear them.


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