Thursday, May 19, 2011

Recent Reading- As Husbands Go

Generally I write a review of a book because it is, in some way, important to me and to make use of my English degree 20 years after the fact, as it has done me no good professionally. Not today. This book is simply damn funny which is an odd thing to say when it involves murder. Susan Isaacs has a way of conveying the fear and terror of a loved one’s death with the kind of smart ass commentary that makes people like me laugh out loud.

So there’s no point in me going on about character development, social commentary, or writing style. This is a perfect read for the beach if you live somewhere that has moved into warm sunny weather or for the couch if you’re still stuck in rain and cold. Read, laugh, enjoy!

p.s. I’m going tonight to see Jen Lancaster, the queen of rude, obnoxious but wildly funny humor, at Barnes & Noble. She’s signing copies of her new book If You Were Here and I am so excited to meet her! Not sure if I have the guts to ask for a photo and am worried about what to wear as I don’t want to be lampooned in her blog or show up as an unfortunate annoying badly dressed character in her next book. More later!


Mila said...

Hello Catherine. Thank you for dropping in to say hello. I appreciate the book review; very timely as I am needing another good read.

Regarding your comment on my blog. Perhaps you are not giving into the mass hysterics because you have weathered something far worse than this and came out better for it. Perhaps you simply have the confidence that you are far bigger than anything that can happen to you.

Catherine said...

You might be right, Mila, but I'm usually all for mass hysterics unless appropriately medicated.

Maybe we're both stronger than we think we are? And we somehow know that whatever path we're on it's the right one?

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