Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Monday Adventure- sort of

I’m still in Colorado visiting family and in the midst of another sort of adventure; not one to write about. Let’s just say that the mother daughter relationship is fraught with lots of interesting terrain to navigate.

I’ll be home next week and the regular Monday Adventure will return.
Until then, what adventures have you had lately?


tweedlibrarian said...

My most recent adventure is trying to find a work skirt that isn't too short. Grrr.

Next up, figuring out how little I can pack for a 10 day trip. I can't seem to travel without two pairs of shoes...sigh.

Catherine said...

Both of those are the worst! Skirts are either Britney short or maxi. Whatever happened to right above the knee?

As for shoes- I was in CO for fun for 6 days and still had to bring 3 pairs. And really, I would have liked one more!

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