Sunday, March 6, 2011


As promised here is a more frivolous post but no kittens!

I have a very active dream life. Freakishly so. I dream in color with dialogue a full plot and often with celebrity guest stars. I'm also able to recognize while dreaming that I am dreaming which is helpful when it's a particularly bad one. The only thing I can't do, which is quite distressing, is being able to return to the George-Clooney-wants-me dreams after my husband wakes me up with his snoring.

I thought everyone dreamed the same way but only yesterday I learned that my husband of 10 years doesn't have dialogue in his dreams which seems unfathomable to me. Or that blatently Freudian? Anyway, it did get me thinking- how do others dream?

Here's your chance to share. There's a poll to the right so get after it. Even better, feel free to elaborate on your answers in the comments section for this post. Anonymously share a little bit of your psyche with complete strangers.

10/28: The poll is long gone so please share your thoughts in comments!

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Life In A Pink Fibro said...

I'm a bit like you. My dreams are like movies. Dialogue, action, plot line. But I never get to the end, so I never get to find out what happens. Frustrating.

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