Friday, April 1, 2011

What I Love This Week

This winter has been particularly dark, damp, and cold here in Portland. For that matter spring hasn’t been so grand either as we have yet to approach 60°. With no consistent sunshine and chilly temps the spring foliage has been slow to arrive. My happiness factor for this week has been doubled by the valiant weeping Japanese cherry tree in our backyard.

We planted it last year on the south side of the yard, close to the kitchen window. Every day as I do the dishes I’ve been watching it, worrying that too much rain and not enough warmth were going to cause some kind of fungus or rot and it would die. In the last two days I’ve been rewarded by these lovely white flowers. Even if the sun is not shining they make me happy. I hope wherever you are winter is on the way out and you are starting to see the rewards of spring.

p.s. the close-up is not meant to be arty but the poor guy is still pretty small and not as effusive as he will be in another couple of years. I didn’t want to embarrass him with a full tree shot…..

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